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Join the 2024 CX Day global celebration on Tuesday, October 1st.

CX Day is a global day to celebrate the organizations, individuals, and yes, customers, that are at the heart of better customer experiences. This website was established to help you join the global CXDay celebration as well as to connect to the CXPA community in every region of the world.  If you are just exploring, be sure to drop by to learn more about customer experience. If you are already a CXPA member, be sure to visit and check out the new CXPA publications:

  • Effective Collaboration Between CX and Product Development & Design
  • Effective Collaboration Between CX and Data Owners: A Guide to Strengthening CX Together
  • Effective Collaboration Between CX and Business Improvement: A Guide to Strengthening CX Together
  • Building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness into a Customer Experience Ecosystem

CXPA members can read each of these publications (as well as the CXPA CX Book of Knowledge and more) online as a benefit of membership.  Not yet a member? Visit your regional page below and use the code "CXDelivers" to save an extra 20% off membership dues.

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Mark April 30 to May 2 2024 for CX Leaders Advance

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CX Day Webinars from Our Sponsors

The Successful Habits of CX Professionals
There are over 1000 different technologies with a CX message. AI, ML, etc., the technology is evolving faster than anyone can keep up with. It isn’t slowing down, and it isn’t going away. 

On Demand

This CX tech is bananas. But it's not optional- Future Ready Orchestration 
There are over 1000 different technologies with a CX message. AI, ML, etc., the technology is evolving faster than anyone can keep up with. It isn’t slowing down, and it isn’t going away. But for those that embrace it the results can be staggering.  On Demand


On Demand: 3 Steps Revolutionary CX Programs Take to Go From Customer Data to ROI
To provide best-in-class customer experiences, the world’s greatest brands ingest social, review, CRM, employee, and call center data—but what steps do they take after that? On Demand


How Rush Enterprises Reduces Average Handle Time and Brings Joy to Customers with Five9 
Join us for this customer success story webinar where we sit down with Michelle Ruiz, Director of Call Center Operations at Rush Enterprises and discuss the adoption of Five9's solutions in their contact center. On Demand

NICE_black_and_Blue-100_2620951.jpg Overcome your AI hurdles to win the CX Race

It seems AI can be found everywhere across the modern business landscape. But what is AI’s real potential for taking CX to the next level? On Demand

Learn how this transformative strategy empowers organizations to create personalized customer experiences and influence the experience as its happening. On Demand
Customer demands are evolving with unprecedented speed, which means our roles as customer experience leaders must adapt, change, and evolve at the same hectic pace. Following up on Walker’s popular report citing eight themes for CX evolution, we decided to focus on the critical ingredients to embrace these aspirational trends. On Demand
Early digital analytics tools, like web analytics, helped digital teams see what is happening. Then came digital experience intelligence platforms that could tell you not only what is happening, but also why. On Demand
Are you leveraging Voice of the Customer data across the enterprise to move insights into action and impact? On Demand