Diversity & Inclusion

CXPA is committed to a culture of inclusivity and belonging

Diversity is a CXPA Core Value, and we are committed to ensuring a culture of inclusivity and belonging, where everyone is welcomed. We encourage, seek out and embrace diverse perspectives and approaches. We realize that we can — and must — do more to contribute to a more inclusive CX profession and world. We created this webpage to publicly share our diversity and inclusion journey. 

Blog posts that detail commitments from the CXPA:

CXPA takes pride in establishing resources to benefit our members, take advantage of content in our resource library on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion via this search.
Please see below additional resources and information on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts.
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Disability Pride Month

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CXPA Community Conversations

See CXPA Community Conversation videos about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to continue to spark inspiration and innovation around growing topic concerns and efforts.

CXPA 2020

  • Started a Diversity & Inclusion Learning Community to help foster a supportive community to increase diversity and diversity resources in the CX field

  • Created an Advancing Minority Professionals in CX community to provide a forum for connection and support toward equity.

  • First Boston and Atlanta CXPA session held on July 29, 2020 on Inspiring Racial Equity. Watch replay here

  • Member Town Hall on August 4, 2020 to gather your feedback and hear priorities, summarized in this blog post.

  • Established two diversity and inclusion committees; Diversity Advancement Committee, Welcoming Environment Committee. Learn how to get involved here.

CXPA 2022

Updates and Accomplishments

In 2022, the Diversity Advancement Committee created and committed to a statement of support to be a resource for all CXPA work groups.

Diversity Advancement Committee Statement of Support

We understand that the CXPA, and present as well as future work groups are charged with working to include DEI into the design and execution of their respective projects. The Diversity Advancement Committee stands ready to be a resource, as needed, to support CX professional success.

1. Collaborated with Regional Councils to create and populate the DEI Calendar located below in the Upcoming Observances and Celebrations.

2. Hosted the Webinar: Bridging the Gap: Creating Inclusive Experiences for Individuals Who Navigate the World with Disabilities

Panelists included:

Jerry Angrave, CCXP, Founder, Empathyce, The Empathetic Customer Experience Consultancy

Anita Chagar, Diversity Network Leader, Heathrow Airport

Stacy Sherman, Founder, Doing CX Right

Stacy Hirschberg, Educator and Consumer


CXPA 2022 Continued

3. Celebrated Global Diversity Awareness Month with reflections on diversity and inclusion from our Diversity Advancement Committee members

4. Set up a project team to execute a plan to create a DEI Best Practices for CX Teams resource to be published around CX Day 2023

5. Set up a project team to provide guidance on observances and celebrations for recognition throughout the year. The bulk of the project team's work will be started in 2023

6. Set up a project team to focus on developing and executing a webinar centered around the intersection of DEI and CX. This team is also focused on outreach and coordination with other CXPA committees and programs.

CXPA 2023

CXPA’s newest publication: "Building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness into a Customer Experience Ecosystem" was released on CX Day 2023. While numerous publications focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, this one is a game-changer, focusing exclusively on the intersection between DEI and CX. It's a must-have resource for CX pros aiming to create better experiences with customers and employees. Authored by a diverse group of CX professionals from around the globe, this book leverages CXPA's CX Competency framework to equip you with strategies to weave diversity, equity, and inclusiveness into the very fabric of your CX initiatives.

Key Highlights:

  • Bridging the gap between DEI and CX
  • Real-world insights from CX experts
  • Practical strategies for your CX initiatives
  • A global perspective on inclusive CX

Available at cxbookstore.com

Upcoming Observances and Celebrations